Bear Hazing Goes Awry

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Jay w
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Bear Hazing Goes Awry

Post by Jay w »

I haven't seen this posted. ... 1-6WEDR9YE

I also didn't hear about another campground closing this year (June) at MG. That happened during our stay last summer.

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Re: Bear Hazing Goes Awry

Post by PeteE »

I suspect part of the bear problem is that as the bear populations increase they must find new territory.
Any given habitat can only support so many animals. And so park bears looking for territory inevitably encroach on places like Rising Sun and Many Glacier.
New(er), younger bears not knowing any better, "follow their noses" to places that 1) aren't yet occupied and 2) may smell like food.
Bear/human conflict is the result.
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Re: Bear Hazing Goes Awry

Post by Chip »

I attended the Ranger program on bears last week and the Ranger said this black bear had previous issues with campers and the Rangers were attempting to haze it away as a last resort. The bear moved as the Ranger shot and resulted in a poor shot placement. This clearly is a "Fed bear is a Dead bear".


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