Permit Available (North Circle Route, 26-29 Aug 2017)

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Permit Available (North Circle Route, 26-29 Aug 2017)

Postby Goat » Wed May 10, 2017 8:12 pm

Hi everyone,

Hoping to make someone's day here. :lol: I have an extra backcountry permit reservation available for the North Circle route shown below. I cannot use it, so I'll transfer it to the first taker. I called the backcountry office and confirmed that all I have to do is let them know who I am transferring the reservation to. You can change the trip leader, etc., when you show up to get your permit.

Note that I would like to recoup my $40 permit application fee; we can work that out via paypal I suppose. Also note that the permit is for a group of 8; if you have a smaller group you can make adjustments with the backcountry office to free up the extra spots.

So, if you want the permit and are willing to refund me my $40 application fee, send me a private message.

Happy Hiking!



8-26-2017 - ELF - ELIZ LK, FT
Fires; NO
Segment; Length 10.10
Elevation; Up 2480 | Down 2518

8-27-2017 - MOJ - MOKOWANIS JCT
Fires; NO
Segment; Length 8.70
Elevation; Up 298 | Down 290

8-28-2017 - FIF - FIFTY MOUNTAIN
Fires; NO
Segment; Length 13.90
Elevation; Up 5210 | Down 2725

8-29-2017 - GRN - GRANITE
Fires; NO
Segment; Length 11.90
Elevation; Up 1780 | Down 1910

Segment; Length 7.60
Elevation; Up 735 | Down 2255
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Re: Permit Available (North Circle Route, 26-29 Aug 2017)

Postby Heff936 » Thu May 11, 2017 9:48 am

I'm sure this will make someone's day. :arrow:

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