Back Country Winter Sports Anyone?

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Back Country Winter Sports Anyone?

Postby PeteE » Sun Jan 27, 2019 9:42 pm

I thought I would start this thread for those who like snowshoeing and Xcountry or backcountry skiing.
Maybe post the equipment you use, or might want to use for GNP if you get out here when we have snow?

I recently started skiing again with my old Alpina skis and boots.
And had the same problem, again--I got a blister on top of middle toe,
Long story short- the problem was the boots. The skis were OK.
So I went all in so to speak and got new boots and new skis from our new local REI store in Kalispell.

The staff, Jason, Aimee, and Tom were extremely helpful in helping me decide what to buy based on what sort of skiing I wanted to do.
Which is: A ski/boot I can use in reasonably moderate terrain, but not necessarily on a "road", e.g North Fork meadow type terrain--nothing "extreme".

So I now have Madshus boots and skis.
Madshus Glittertind BC Cross-Country Ski Boots
I love the way my feet and ankles feel "locked in".

Madshus Epoch 68 BC skis
length: 165-195/10cm
sidecut: 99-68-84mm
weight: 2530g/185cm (pair)
core: Multicore
base: Omnitrak®

Used them on the golf course today for first time. Ski'd three hours, maybe 10+ kilometers.
Feet felt great. NO problems with pinching toes. The boots give me much better control and support.
These skis are really much easier on me as well
I really liked them!!
Even as a beginner I could feel how I had better control, especially down hill--in spite of my one "crash" 8)
Much easier going up hill too. Less need to herringbone on gentle upslopes.

I feel by the end of this season, I'll feel pretty confident as far as basic technique goes.
The Nordic Center at Whitefish Country Club is only a 3 minute drive from my apartment :mrgreen:
So practice after work will be very convenient.

I believe PizzaBob will notice a big improvement in my skiing next time we go out :)
He saw how bad I was with my old equipment. 8)

So for those of you coming out during snow season, there are places to go in the park and nearby areas for both down hill and Xcountry.

I just wish I had stayed with it back in 2012.


pete :wink:

New skis and boots

Right after crash. Bruised my ego more than my cheek. 8)
It's OK now. Swollen but doesn't hurt.
The hill behind me comes down making a big sweeping left turn. I came down really fast(for me).
Made the turn nicely then I drifted over to the downhill side of the flat straight area behind me, hit an icy patch and down I went.
I think what happened was I drifted into the tracks which were in an icy area and that's what did it.
I didn't say in the video, but I can't ski in the "tracks" with these skis. They're too wide. And frankly, I don't like skiing in the tracks.
I like sking in the groomed area. I checked with the guy in the Nordic center. Told him I ski when it's not busy and stay out of the "skaters" way :)
He said it was OK and thanks for being considerate.
PizzaBob knows where this is. Bottom of the Karrow run.
90 second video ... L-1920.mp4

New knit hat for winter. The frame of my glasses is what cut my cheek.
Glad it didn't break my RayBans. Them are the old gold plated ones from the 80's.
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Re: Back Country Winter Sports Anyone?

Postby Ear Mountain » Wed Jan 30, 2019 2:42 pm

PeteE wrote:New knit hat for winter. The frame of my glasses is what cut my cheek.
Glad it didn't break my RayBans. Them are the old gold plated ones from the 80's.

Lookin good there Pete!
Ski ON!
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