Backcountry Sleep System

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Backcountry Sleep System

Postby Heff936 » Sun Nov 30, 2014 7:50 am

As Miss Guinness and I reported on our last trip, we used a new sleeping system that worked incredibly well. Specifically we used two long sleeping pads (25" by 76") Thermarest Neo-Air All SeAson and connected them with the Thermest Down Coupler. This created a very comfortable bed with no crinkling. It also proofed very warm. Then we used a Nemo Tango Duo two person down quilt. These wonderfully designed quilt attaches to the "bed and creates the perfect sleep system for camping.

However, the Tango Duo only comes in a 30 degree comfort rating so we would be back to Individual sleeping bags for cooler weather. So I contacted Nemo to see if they had any plans to produce a warmer version of the Tango Duo. They said no which left me looking at other top quilts. I even talked with a local seamstress about possibly making one for us. But as I was searching I came across a company I had never before heard of called, Enlightened Equipment out of Minnesota.

They make semi-custom single and double top quilts and under quilts (for hammocks). The great part is that you get to select the down, the temp rating, the exterior and interior color and the fabric weight. We took advantage of a 20% off sale this weekend and purchased a double quilt rated at 10 degrees, with Hyperdry 900 fill down. Amazingly this will only weigh 34 ounces making our 3 season sleep system for two weighing 3.33 pounds per person including the pad, coupler and quilt.

If you arse looking to lighten your sleep system or just created a more comfortable sleeping system, for couples or for singles, I encourage you to check out Enlightened Equipment.

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Re: Backcountry Sleep System

Postby scott-atl » Mon Dec 08, 2014 9:20 am

sounds comfy. I've been sleeping on the ground for many years and got a big agnes q core insulated blow up pad this past year. w/out a doubt, the most comfortable pad I've ever used. kinda of a pain to blow it up but only takes about 3 minutes. very compact when rolled up. long way from the ensolite days. rei had them on sale the other day.
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