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St Mary Campground Check-In Policy

Postby PeteE » Fri Jun 03, 2016 7:19 am

Anyone understand the apparently new policy for checking in?
Wednesday I arrived at about 6:30PM.
A sign at the unmanned gate said:

If nobody is at the gate, find a place without a white "reserved" tag or yellow occupied tag.
Come back the next morning between 8AM-10AM and check in.

(And there were lots of "reserved" spaces.See comment below)

Who the hell is going to waste half the morning waiting for someone to show up to check you in?
This is stupid---and I didn't do it yesterday. I was long gone at 5:30AM.

And if I had decided to stay another night and left my gear in that spot? How would that work if I didn't return until late in the day again?
There were NO envelopes in the box as in the past.!!!
There was no "host" to ask. The sign "host not on duty" sign was up---a frequent occurrence in my experience.
When do the hosts ever host?

Then last night I looked at the web site thinking I might reserve a space for the weekend, and guess what?
The website said reservations don't start until June 5th!!
WTF? What were all those white "reserved" tags about then?

Anyone stay at St Mary in the last week or so?
What is going on?

pete :wink:
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