Gunsight Pass Status

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Gunsight Pass Status

Postby Supersonic_Blimp » Thu Jul 27, 2017 6:20 am

Hey folks-- been watching the Gunsight pass status for the past month as we're supposed to go up and over next week. Status still says-
"There is one snow field that has a dangerous run out. This will be the first one you encounter as you climb up from Gunsight Lake. The higher snow fields can be bypassed. If your not equipped and trained, the one 15 yard across snow chute should be avoided until it has melted out. 7/16/2017 per 623 (BC Ranger)"

Has anyone had eyes over in that area at all or familiar with that spot? I would think since 2 weeks have passed (been expecting an update any day) this is likely less of an issue, but I'm really not at all familiar with that area. Flying out Saturday and debating how "creative" I need to start getting with new routes at this point. I'm also assuming, based on how frequently I see new statuses that the park is pretty good at posting updates?

Thanks folks-- 3 more days!
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Re: Gunsight Pass Status

Postby al_in_al » Fri Jul 28, 2017 7:09 am

They actually aren't very good at posting trail status updates. Trail closures and postings are kept very up-to-date, but the status is hit or miss. You might contact the chalet people to see if they can give you a more recent status.
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