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Glacier’s Geology and Changing Climate by Backpack

Posted: Fri Jul 18, 2008 8:41 am
by Glacier Institute
The Glacier Institute still has a few openings for the Glacier's Geology & Changing Climate by Backpack course - July 24 - 27, 2008.

Mid-latitude glaciers, such as those in Glacier National Park, are some of the best and most easily observed indicators of climate change. This course will explore the impact of climate change in Glacier National Park as well as discuss the awesome forces of nature that deposited and later carved Glacier's ancient rock into what we see today. The group will spend three nights in a backcountry campsite and take day hikes to several places in the area including Jackson Blackfoot Glacier.

Physical Requirements: Strenuous. Gunsight Lake Campground is 6.2 miles from the trail head. Day hikes on Friday and Saturday may include Jackson Blackfoot Glacier and Lincoln Pass or other destinations depending on group interest and weather conditions.
In order to enjoy this course without endangering yourself and others, you must be sufficiently fit. Backpacking is a physically demanding activity, particularly at high elevations (over 5,000 feet) carrying a full pack. You should expect significant demands on heart, lungs and all major muscle groups, particularly the back and legs.

To register for this course please contact the Glacier Institute at 406-755-1211 or online at

We hope to see you on the trail!