Looking for "lost" gearjammers

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Looking for "lost" gearjammers

Postby Calgary Ray » Thu Dec 03, 2009 12:51 pm

Many months ago I posted an item about a Glacier Gearjammer reunion being planned for September 8, 9 & 10, 2010. These dates are now official.

We’ve got confirmed reservations for 120-plus people and several hundred more who are on the cusp of deciding. We’d like to have most of the commitments in by April, when the reunion organizers, including myself, will go over matters with Glacier Park Inc. to provide the company with known and projected attendance numbers.

There is a likelihood we’ll have to cap the size of the reunion, due to the limitations of the convention space at Glacier Park Lodge.

We’ve got the names of 700-plus former, or “lost,” Gearjammers and are trying to track them down, often with just the address and name they provided during their first year of service.

If you know a former Red Bus driver, make sure you tell him or her to check out our website, www.Glacierjammers.com. Many of the convention details are there. Even if you don't plan on attending the reunion, please register, so we know how to reach you and put you in contact with fellow drivers.

The cost of the get-together is nominal: $45 covers you and your family/guests. You can choose to join in on our organized activities or set your own agenda. We’re planning a barbecue (which has a cost) and evening talks (no cost), a tour of the bus barns and former Glacier Park Transport Company property (no cost), and a sharing circle (no cost) to give former Red Bus drivers a chance to tell their best story.

Staying at Glacier Park Lodge during the September 8-10 event is not a requirement of attending the reunion. Most people are choosing to stay there (we have a discounted rate from GPI), but others have picked alternate accommodations.

We want to ensure any former Glacier transport company employee who wants to come doesn’t miss out. There’ll be representation through the ages, with our oldest registrant age 92 and the first female gearjammer also planning to attend.

Check out www.Glacierjammers.com for more information.

If you drove in Glacier between 1962 and 1972, there’s a special website set up by former transport manager Bill Yearout, Jim Wilson and Jim Bartlett, who are trying to reach as many drivers from that era as possible. Check it out at: http://glacierfriends.info/
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