Ramseys Firebrand East Glacier 2014

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Ramseys Firebrand East Glacier 2014

Postby Jen » Wed Sep 10, 2014 5:03 pm

In the past I have always raved about The Firebrand.

Not this year.

The Parking lot was packed when we arrived. Usually a good sign.

We walked in and were handed menus and told to find our own table. Apparently there was no busser because they were all dirty.

When we ordered a hot wing appetizer the server suggested we order them naked because they were really hot. Seemed legit so we went with that. The arrived coated in a sauce that set my whole mouth an face on fire after one tiny nibble. I like spicy but these were inedible.

Bruce and I both ordered burgers that took forever to arrive and when they did they were way overcooked and not very tasty.

I feel like the poor waitress was completely overwhelmed. Maybe she was also cooking that night?

Sadly, It will be awhile before I will want to give them another shot.

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