Favorite foods on the trail

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Favorite foods on the trail

Post by bkmiller »

Hey all, looking for favorite foods/snacks that you enjoy in the backcountry. looking for new. fresh ideas.

Some of Mine:
-good ole peanut butter and jelly on pita bread
-mini pre cooked walffels/ put surup on and eat cold.
-choco instant pudding then mix with fresh huckleberrys and chill in stream/lake.
-Tang orange mix ( water gets old, also good hot)
-Beef Jerky cuts, place in water with bulion and hydrate while you hike, mix with backpacker meal
and the standard Rasin/M&M/peanut mix

as you can see i need some new ideas...

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ND Sol
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Re: Favorite foods on the trail

Post by ND Sol »

Some of mine (other than the freeze-dried dinners and sides):
  • Mariani dried apricots
    Hormel Cooked Bacon (almost always take some and has kept on week-long trips)
    Stove Top stuffing (add cranberries, oil, etc.)
    Mashed Potatoes - Idahoan instant (various "flavors")
    Plum Sweets
    M&M Peanut candy
    Wheat Thins (makes nice hors d'oeuvres with the bacon :) )
    Powdered Soy Milk
    Starbucks Via Coffee
    Blueberries (freeze-dried)

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Re: Favorite foods on the trail

Post by sambieni »

This is a GREAT thread idea as we (I) pack/organize for upcoming trips. Always game for soem new ideas

-Oatmeal (Often mixed w/ PB and/or some GORP/nuts and milk)
-Starbucks VIA Coffee for morning
-Hot Choco and/or Tea for evening
-Pancake Mix (more for car side camping than backcountry)
-Powdered milk

-PB & J (Love those squeezable peanut butter packets whose brand name escapes me. Find 'em at Whole foods or similar)
-Block of solid hard cheese
-Cheese Triangles - like "Laughing Cow"
-Tortillas - easy packing, light, easy spreading
-a SUPER hard bread in place of Tortillas
-GORP / Dried Fruit Mixes
-Granola/Bars/Clif Bars
-Pack of StarKist Tuna (not the cans)

-Soup packets
-Rice and Bean packets
-Packets of Salmon (similar to the Tuna) w/ any mix
-Block of Chocolate for dessert
-Pudding mixes

-Occassionally Beef Jerky or Pepperoni stick

I may pack an avocado or two as well as a lemon/lemon juice for some flavor, a small bottle of oil, small pack of garlic powder, spices, salt/pepper depending on the perceived taste (lack thereof) of any mixes I bring a long.

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july gal
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Re: Favorite foods on the trail

Post by july gal »

I'm sure they've been around for years but I've just discovered LARA bars. They are all made with various nuts and dried fruits. That's it. I've never seen one with more than 5 ingredients usually: almonds, dates (then what ever the flavor is -- again just 'real food' dried cherries, ginger, lemon or lime juice and rind, coconut. No fillers, no artificial flavors, etc. I'll be taking these on the trail this year.
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Re: Favorite foods on the trail

Post by DonnaGail »

I believe the squeezable little packs you are referring to are Jason's brand.
I found that the PB2 powdered peanut butter (1TB water to 1TB of powder) tastes more like Jiff. You can find at Safeway stores, Costco, etc.

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