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November Mt Washington (NH) trip

Posted: Tue Nov 15, 2011 2:13 am
by Selkie
I took a weekend to detox and decompress (working for clients meant starting my day at midnight, which begs the question of whether I ever went to bed the night before). Touch and go whether I would make it to the airport, so consumed by fatigue. Then whether I would make it over Kancamagus Pass in a whiteout without slithering off the road, all while watching for highway-running moose. But trials were executed successfully and I had a lovely weekend, first hiking halfway up Mt Washington, NH, on snowy, icy trails, and admiring the beauty all around me, then the next day elevating 3000 feet up the Osseo Trail, which has a soft treadway compared to the usual New England roots rocks and fall-down places. Last off the mountain (as usual). Tented in ca. 25 degree F weather.

The AMC screened a movie of ski-mountaineering in Antarctica. Fabulous! Three ppl got the idea that alpine skiing some of those mountains near Paradise Bay would be neat. They climbed for turns, of course ( :D no lift serves here), which is where the mountaineering part came in: ice tools and roped for the ascent (some of the slopes looked to have the inclination of Half Dome - gaah!). A fall on the descent would have meant sliding into the rather cold Antarctic seas. It was astonishing, for the over-the-top imagination, the physical prowess, and sheer beauty ("sickest backdrop ever," said one participant).

Re: November Mt Washington (NH) trip

Posted: Tue Nov 15, 2011 8:21 am
by toddnick

Sounds like an awesome time!!! :D

Any pictures??

Re: November Mt Washington (NH) trip

Posted: Tue Nov 15, 2011 11:15 am
by Selkie
Hi, Todd! Yes, a few (returning to old tramping grounds and a known picker-upper). I really like deep woods. I'll try to get picture posting figured out soon, as I still owe some pics from September's Glacier and Yaak Valley trip (Tara has been so patient!).

Semi-relatedly, a woman takes rescue dogs in foster care on mountain hikes in NH and posts illustrated trip reports, which give a good idea of the trails. She has a high success rate in getting the dogs adopted. I made the discovery of a new dog breed through her hikes, the Novia Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, that could be a good dog for me: a swimmer (webbed feet), hiker, smaller than a Golden Retriever and more agile mentally and physically.

Re: November Mt Washington (NH) trip

Posted: Tue Nov 15, 2011 1:32 pm
by Pocketlint
I liked the dog site :) Nice program.
The Novia Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (hate to try and say that after a few) sounds like a good breed.
Nothing personal against Goldens( my niece has one), but they might be the dumbest dogs out there. Lovable and loyal animals, but dumber than a bag of hammers :)
So this Novia Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever sounds like a winner!
I'd love a dog, but my lifestyle is too screwed up and unpredictable for a pet :(

pocketlint :wink:

Re: November Mt Washington (NH) trip

Posted: Tue Nov 15, 2011 8:48 pm
by Jay w
This sounds like something for the Banff Film Festival.