Yellowstone Park Badger

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Yellowstone Park Badger

Postby Deb1741 » Mon Jun 25, 2012 8:16 pm

My grandson and I had a fantastic badger encounter while hiking the Specimen Ridge trail to the Petrified Forest. We were walking along the trail when Braeden sighted the badger just 10 feet off the trail digging. We stopped and watched him for a bit fully expecting him to run off when he saw us. He looked at us and came towards us and ran up the trail about 25 feet ahead of us. By then I got my little point and shoot camera out. Not the best pics but definately an awesome experience for us.
He then swerved off the trail and started digging again. I started snapping pictures without really focusing. I knew he had gotten something because he started eating it. At that time he was only about 20 feet from me and I could hear him crunching the bones of his catch. Later when I went back and looked at the pics this is what I got.
Cool video of the badger about 15 feet from me (click on the pic).
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Re: Yellowstone Park Badger

Postby Pocketlint » Mon Jun 25, 2012 8:21 pm

Badgers are really fascinating animals. Nothing to trifle with either.
"bone crunching" :) Looked like a ground squirrel that the badger was eating?
Talk about a "diggin machine"! Hehehee They can go can't they?
Well done.

pocketlint :wink:

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