Waterton hiking suggestions ?

If you have questions, comment or experiences in Waterton Park in Canada, please post them in this section, although Glacier is the Focus, Waterton is the sister that has much to offer.

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Re: Waterton hiking suggestions ?

Postby trevbo » Mon Aug 23, 2010 2:31 pm

Rowe-Lakes/Lineham ridge is another good hike to add to your list... if you don't mind a long day and hiking again past Goat Lake - Avion Ridge from Redrock canyon is probably my favorite hike in the park... (both are great for the larches in the fall... might start to turn yellow by mid-Sept). I think there are some other Waterton threads on here if you can figure out the seach query. Be bear aware... have fun and good luck! T.
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Re: Waterton hiking suggestions ?

Postby MarxMN » Fri Aug 27, 2010 8:04 am

We did a hike to Wall Lake this year at the suggestion of a Park Ranger in Waterton. We would typlically do the Carthew-Alderson-Summit hike but the weather was threatening so we were looking for something shorter and less exposed. The hike starts off from the road to Cameron Lake and almost to Cameron Lake at the Akimina Pass trailhead. The round trip was probably six miles most of it through the forest. Wall Lake is a neat location and surrounded on three sides by mountain walls. There was not much for views along the trail until the lake. Wall Lake is actually in British Columbia (Waterton is in Alberta.). The continental divide is very low on this trail and Akimina Pass is where the trail crosses the continental divide. It is wooded. Waterton National Park ends at the continental divdie. Wall Lake is in Akimina-Kishinena Provincial Park in British Columbia. I would not recommend Wall Lake unless someone was looking for a relatively easy and short hike without spectatular views (other than the lake itself).
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