2017 "Snaps" Around Glacier plus...

Glacier presents some great photographic opportunities, talk about it here.

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Re: 2017 "Snaps" Around Glacier plus...

Postby PeteE » Mon Sep 25, 2017 1:27 pm

dpratt wrote:Beautiful up there. What in the world did you do to your finger?

LOL!! Looks worse than it was. My doc says my skin is old and fragile plus I take baby aspirin every day.
So every time I barely touch something I bruise and/or cut.
I usually hike with my stick in my right hand, especially if, as was here, it's my "downhill" hand.
I use my left hand to beat bushes, branches, and crap out of my way.
So my left hand has always taken a beating when hiking, or hunting...carrying rifle or bow in right hand.
All that blood came from a tiny puncture from a thorn, stick, I dunno. Didn't notice it until blood was dripping off my finger.
That's why I usually wear those work gloves now days. Too cold to wear them and I didn't think I'd need them.

tibber wrote:Nice to see the pictures altho it looked cold. A lot of burn area but that opens up the views. Nice pic of you up on the Ridge!

We stopped at Hungry Horse on our way to the west side in August and drove a bit around the side. We saw the osprey, saw them in 2012 when I also stopped by. Whenever I'm that close I always stop as my parents did in 1955 (I was in my momma's belly).

Thanks Tibber!
Yeah it was a chilly morning. The sun never really baked off the clouds. Thankfully there was very little breeze, even on top of the ridge.
I saw several osprey nests as we drove in. That reservoir is HUGE and I'm sure there are many ospreys breeding there.
The views are good once on the ridge. You can see the mountains for miles. The ridge runs several miles beyond where we stopped.
This is a good hike for the fall before too much snow arrives. You can't get back here in a vehicle after they stop plowing and gate roads, etc.
I might do it again if it was actually going to be a nice cool day with little wind.
Summer would be brutal "semi bushwhacking" that trail in the heat and bugs
. :(

pete :wink:
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Re: 2017 "Snaps" Around Glacier plus...

Postby teapot57 » Wed Sep 27, 2017 1:25 pm

Looks like you had a great hike in the Jewel Basin. I would like to do Mt Aeneas sometime. Thanks for sharing the photos!
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