2018 "Snaps" Around Glacier National Park

Glacier presents some great photographic opportunities, talk about it here.

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Re: 2018 "Snaps" Around Glacier National Park

Postby PeteE » Wed Nov 28, 2018 9:33 am

davidwayne wrote:Pete, as always, thank you for the pics to keep us "foreigners" up to date and enjoying GNP. I really enjoyed the Avalanche pics. Our first trip to GNP in 1991 went through Kalispell, and our last hike before heading to the airport was Avalanche Lake, but a steady rain interceded. Our other trips have been via Great Falls, so Avalanche is still on our list.

Hi David:

Thanks, I'll try to keep you "foreigners" as up to date as I can 8)
Avalanche Lake is a nice little hike. It's too bad that it's so crowded during the June-September season.
Snow in the spring and fall make it a beautiful hike, especially with fewer people around.
Still no sign of B&C

Jay w wrote:Pete, likewise, enjoyed the pics and it was fun to see Avalanche with snow. Soon I'll have to start asking if McDonald has frozen over yet.


Thanks Jay. Yeah, Avalanche looks good with snow to highlight the cirque walls :)
As warm as it's been, I wouldn't look for Lake McDonald freezing over any time soon.
Raining today.

In other news...

I know everyone is kinda tired of seeing pics from Lake McDonald. I'm going to make an effort to get to more places asap.
Right now the major holdup is "Jaybird" had a massive "heart attack"(blown engine) requiring a transplant--new "long block".
The work should be done by 12/7. In the meantime I'm driving a rental Toyota Corolla which isn't worth a sh1t on snow and ice :(
So I'm reluctant to take it out of town. Scary enough last week when I was out at Lake McDonald.

On the plus side...'
I received my new "mat cutter" for matting pics.

pete :wink:
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Re: 2018 "Snaps" Around Glacier National Park

Postby PeteE » Thu Dec 06, 2018 10:47 pm

Got Jaybird back yesterday. New engine runs great.
Needing to run up 500 miles, I drove out to Lake McDonald.
COLD, and temps dropping quickly with the setting sun, clear air, and zero clouds.

Nice picture but kinda boring without clouds...imo.
However, my niece said the scene was calming and peaceful, or evoked a feeling of calm and peacefulness.
Whatever :)


The sunset going home wasn't boring. 8)
Taken on MT40 about 1/4 mile east of the US2/MT40 junction at the Blue Moon.
Looking SW that vertical cloud formation above the sun was real, not some artifact.


Turning 90 degrees to the left looking SE gives this view. I missed the best light. Driving through CFalls in rush hour traffic, I could see the colors change by the minute :(

The first sunset pic above was taken 3 minutes after the pic immediately above. That's why difference in lighting.
I wish I had stayed longer. The color looking SW got a really deep red-orange color 3-4 minutes later when I was at the light. :(
The way to do this correctly is to park yourself in a good place, get setup, and stay till the sunset is done.
Duh...Ya think? 8)

pete :wink:
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Re: 2018 "Snaps" Around Glacier National Park

Postby Jay w » Fri Dec 07, 2018 7:15 am

Sunrises like that are unusual and great to experience. It's always hard to communicate that in a picture, but fun to try.

That first shot of MacDonald, well, it's calming and peaceful, and evokes a feeling of calm and peacefulness. :D

It's always great to hear your stories and see the photos.


PS, my ride has new rear shocks.....$1000 :shock:
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