2019 "Snaps" Around Gracier National Park...plus

Glacier presents some great photographic opportunities, talk about it here.

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Re: 2019 "Snaps" Around Gracier National Park...plus

Postby PeteE » Tue Aug 13, 2019 8:41 am

If what you saw was much larger, it may have been a female fisher, but I doubt it. Male fishers are much larger than female fishers, martens, or minks.[/quote]

My first thought when I saw it was a marten, but I realized it was too large to be one. Martens are small, and I remember this critter being about the size of a cat. So maybe a fisher? I will never know for sure, but it was a neat sighting.

Martens and minks are small and similar in size.
Fishers are much larger. Males being much larger than females.
So if it was "cat size" it may have been a fisher.
Maybe someone here has seen fishers in the park?

pete :wink:

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Re: 2019 "Snaps" Around Gracier National Park...plus

Postby netresult » Wed Aug 14, 2019 4:12 pm

Hi Pete, I'm almost certain that it was a marten that you saw. I had a great view of one and fired off about 20 shots from about 20' at the base of Mt. Rushmore. I dug out my pics, and compared to your sighting. The coat color is variable, but my marten had the same face and dark legs. Also had rusty brown fur and the large orangish patch on the chest. It was in great shape and a stunning little animal. Also looked to be at least a similiar size to yours.
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