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Re: Current weather?

Postby PeteE » Thu Jun 20, 2019 3:07 pm

Not looking too nice for the backpackers and day hikers over the weekend.
And it's my opinion 8) the GTTS Road probably won't open Saturday if any snow still remains on the road surface.

Bummer, hopefully they'll open the road Sunday if the weather permits.
Get in line early Sunday AM with my Kindle so I can nap or read :)
I really want to get to Logan Pass for some hiking and pics.

pete :wink:

Area Forecast Discussion
National Weather Service Missoula MT
244 PM MDT Thu Jun 20 2019

.DISCUSSION...The cold low pressure system, currently overtaking
north-central Idaho and western Montana, is creating an
increasingly unstable atmosphere. Short-lived and rapidly
developing thunderstorms will continue to bring lightning and
small hail threats through this evening. Snow levels remain low
for this time of the year (5000-6000 feet), and a winter weather
advisory has been issued for the Glacier Region for snow in the
backcountry through Friday afternoon. Anyone venturing into the
mountains can expect cold temperatures with either cold rain or
snow through at least Friday afternoon.

A secondary lobe of concentrated low pressure in the upper levels
of the atmosphere is forecast to round the parent low as it shifts
over Eastern Montana and produce an area of heavier precipitation
across NW Montana Friday afternoon. This may result in additional
snow across the higher terrain and further necessitate an
extension of the ongoing Winter Weather Advisory. But at the very
least another round of persistent cold rain is expected to drift
from NW Montana in the afternoon southward across the rest of
Western Montana by Friday evening.
Temperatures will continue to
be well below normal with most locations in Montana and North
Central Idaho struggling to climb out of the 50s.

Saturday morning may end up starting off with fewer showers than
previously expected, except along the Continental Divide where
persistent light rain is still expected. But cloudy, cold
conditions will give way to another round of instability induced
showers during the afternoon with the chance for lightning and
small hail similar to today. Temperatures will once again be well
below normal, though far NW Montana could and parts of Central
Idaho will likely find their way, albeit briefly, into the 60s.

Sunday was shaping up to be a drier, warmer day in the previous
forecasts. While the warmer certainly still looks to be on track,
models are still indicating quite a bit of residual moisture and
the chances for some afternoon and evening showers seem better
than previously advertised. On Monday the flow pattern begins to
shift from west to southwest in response to deepening low pressure
off the Pacific NW coast. Temperatures will warm to near normal,
but this should be our drier day of the forecast for this next
week. By Tuesday the models are showing a very good convective
pattern shaping up across the Northern Rockies as high pressure
begins to amplify over Texas and low pressure further strengthens
off the west coast. The chance for some strong and possible severe
thunderstorms could be present on Tuesday and Wednesday if this
pattern should hold. Then cooler and perhaps wetter conditions
appear possible by the end of next week.

Winter Weather Advisory

National Weather Service Missoula MT
1046 AM MDT Thu Jun 20 2019

West Glacier Region-
1046 AM MDT Thu Jun 20 2019


* WHAT...Wet snow expected above 6000 feet. Total snow
accumulations of 1 to 3 inches above 6000 feet and 3 to 6
inches above 7000 feet expected.

* WHERE...West Glacier Region.

* WHEN...Until 2 PM MDT Friday.

* ADDITIONAL DETAILS...Majority of the snow accumulations are
expected tonight and during Friday morning. Plan on cold and
snowy backcountry conditions.


A Winter Weather Advisory for snow means periods of snow will
cause impacts to people heading into the backcountry.
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Re: Current weather?

Postby PeteE » Fri Jun 21, 2019 5:55 am

No snow yet in the parking lot at Logan Pass. Winter Weather Advisory is still in effect until 2PM today.
Maybe the forecast will be wrong and the road will open tomorrow?
We all live in hope 8)

pete :wink:
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Re: Current weather?

Postby Ear Mountain » Fri Jun 21, 2019 10:45 am

I just spent three days in the Bob on a mountaineering traverse of Wapiti Ridge. Snowed overnight Wednesday night. We hiked out yesterday with periods of snow, rain and sun. More snow than sun for sure. Looking toward the Rocky Mountain Front from my home earlier this morning it looks to be snowing pretty good but the sky seems to be clearing.

Hopefully you'll make the pass and get some good pics. Some friends hiked up there from Jackson Glacier Overlook during the week and it was beautiful!
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Re: Current weather?

Postby PeteE » Fri Aug 09, 2019 8:57 pm

Looks like it could get ugly in the park tomorrow.
Hope the backpackers remembered their rain gear. 8)

pete :wink:

Flash Flood Watch

Flood Watch
National Weather Service Missoula MT
223 PM MDT Fri Aug 9 2019

Kootenai/Cabinet Region-West Glacier Region-
Flathead/Mission Valleys-
223 PM MDT Fri Aug 9 2019


The National Weather Service in Missoula has issued a

* Flash Flood Watch for a portion of northwest Montana.

* From Saturday afternoon through Saturday evening.

* Areas of concern include: Highway 2 Kalispell to Libby, Mud
Creek in the Gibralter Ridge Burn Area, Sylvan Creek Campground
in Moose Creek Burn, West Fork Burn Area, Going-to- the-Sun Road
in Glacier Park, Howe Ridge Burn Area in Glacier Park, Sprague
Burn Area in Glacier Park, Hot Springs, and Kalispell.

* Strong thunderstorms will bring very heavy rain, that will have
the potential to create rock and mudslides along steep terrain,
as well as recent burn scars and flooding in urban areas.
Rainfall rates of one half inch or more in thirty minutes are
expected with stronger storms.


A Flash Flood Watch means that conditions may develop that lead
to flash flooding. Flash flooding is a VERY DANGEROUS SITUATION.

You should monitor later forecasts and be prepared to take action
should Flash Flood Warnings be issued.

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Re: Current weather?

Postby PeteE » Sun Sep 08, 2019 6:08 pm

The next two days aren't looking too good for park visitors, especially the backpackers.
Be very careful driving the GTTS road after dark and in the early AM.
Hard rain washes rocks down on to the road, especially the higher sections--Between the East and West tunnels.
The road crew doesn't usually get going until after 0700

Hydrologic Outlook

Hydrologic Outlook

Hydrologic Outlook
National Weather Service Missoula MT
1221 PM MDT Sun Sep 8 2019

...Excessive rainfall and runoff issues across northwest Montana
through Monday...

Rain will develop this afternoon and become moderate in intensity
for an extended period of time tonight through Monday.

During this time, total rainfall amounts in the Mission valley
may exceed 2 to 3 inches, while rain amounts in the Mission
mountains may exceed 4 inches. For the Flathead valley, rainfall
amounts could total between 1 to 2 inches, with higher amounts
up to 3 inches throughout Glacier National Park (including Going-
to-the-Sun Road).
Thunderstorms could also produce a period of
flash flooding concerns this afternoon.

Excessive runoff may cause creeks to overrun banks, overwhelm
culverts, and flow over roadways. Rock and debris flows over
roads will also be a concern, especially along GTTS Road.

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Re: Current weather?

Postby paul » Mon Sep 09, 2019 8:27 am

This is why I never try to get an advanced permit for September.
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