North Fork Rental Cabin

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North Fork Rental Cabin

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Here are a few images of the cabin that Tammy and Kevin stayed in this year...and I stayed in back in 2015.
It's a very nice little cabin with a great view, short walk to the North Fork river.
And you couldn't ask for better interior amenities.
All propane appliances and lighting.
HOT water for showers too.
The inside looks a little different now but just as nice.

Aerial view of cabin. The river is just out of view at the bottom of image.

The mess is mine. A friend of mine leased this cabin for the fall of 2015
Looking to the back of cabin, the bathroom is behind the frig


Looking to the front of the cabin

This would be a great rental for those who like the North Fork and/or just want a really nice place to stay and chill.
Good hiking outside the Park off of Red Meadow road.

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