2018 Sun Road Opening Contest

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2018 Sun Road Opening Contest

Postby llholmes1948 » Sun Apr 15, 2018 11:21 am

It is time to start the famous Sun Road Opening Contest for 2018 :arrow: :arrow: :arrow:

Post your prediction of the date and time when you think that the Going to the Sun Road will be first open to the public for its entire length in 2018. Closest guess to the correct date and time wins. Remember that it is the first time that the road is open to the public for its entire length which determines the winner even if a late season storm should temporarily close the road a day or two later.

The winner receives a mythical, virtual keg for beer from whomever would like to be the official sponsor of it this year. If no one agrees to sponsor it, I will be pleased to do so but I want to give others a chance to provide this wonderful prize. If I end up being the sponsor, I believe the prize may be a virtual keg of Narragansett because that is all I can afford this year. Sorry.

I would suggest people vote in half hour intervals so we don't have to try to determine the winner between someone who guessed 8:00 and someone who guessed 8:01. I suggest that we close the predictions on May 20th at midnight Mountain Time so that someone doesn't wait until the last minute, make a guess just as the road is about to open and swoop in and claim the keg.

If there is a dispute about when the road actually opens, hopefully we can find a local volunteer who can check with the Park Service to obtain the correct time.

Let the games begin and Good Luck to all contestants.

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