Bowman Lake to Kintla Lake, or vice versa

Transportation can be a challenge in Glacier. If you have ideas, offer ride shares, or used a commercial service that you were happy with, let everyone know. Also, ask questions about road information, or share road information you may have.

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Bowman Lake to Kintla Lake, or vice versa

Postby abigler33 » Mon Apr 24, 2017 1:12 pm

Hello all,

This is my first time posting here so I hope this is the right place. So a friend and I are making the trip to Glacier this summer from Pittsburgh and we absolutely can not wait. After lots of research I have really fallen in love with the North Fork area and have started to figure out an idea for a trip from Bowman Lake to Kintla Lake so we get the chance to see what looks like a beautiful and secluded section of the park. So with this hike we would be traveling from either Bowman Lake to Kintla Lake or vice versa crossing through Hole in the Wall, Brown Pass, and Boulder Pass. I was curious if anyone had any input on whether we should do it in one direction or the other, as well as maybe some other pointers you could give us. Also, I have seen other similar post of people trying to figure out transportation between the two and after reading those posts it seems that people most often point to hitchhiking. I would have no problem with this if need be, however I am a little lerrious to have what would be an entire day committed to the idea of hoping someone picks us up. The general idea would be to make the drive on Saturday, July 29 arriving at either lake in the early to mid afternoon and hiking up to the far end of either lake that afternoon. Then spending the next day making our way through the mountains and finally on Monday getting back to the other lake and hitching a ride back to the car. Does this plan sound reasonable or are there any suggestions anyone can make. Thanks so much for any help, I know this post is a lot to digest but I'm really excited for the trip and I'm trying hard to figure everything out!

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Re: Bowman Lake to Kintla Lake, or vice versa

Postby Ear Mountain » Tue Apr 25, 2017 8:59 am

There is no need to double post the same question. Read replies to this question in the Hiking area.
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