Ongoing Contruction US 89

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Ongoing Contruction US 89

Postby PeteE » Mon May 14, 2018 10:07 pm

They are re-building/routing US 89 between Kiowa Junction and the South Fork of Cut Bank Creek.
Depending on the state of construction, traffic could get tied up there this summer.

So those coming from Great Falls to St Mary and Many Glacier may want to consider taking the Duck Lake Rd( 464 on map) from Browning to Babb.
If you haven't driven Duck Lake Rd, not to worry. Driving time is about same to St Mary.
The road is in excellent condition, speed limit of 70mph, no traffic lights, nothing but views like this one on Mother's Day 8)

One wonders what the first settlers thought of this vista after weeks and months traveling across the Great Plains.
"Crown of the Continent" pretty much describes it, doesn't it?

pete :wink:
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