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Bowman Lake to Kintla Lake shuttle needed - 9/10/18 AM

PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2018 1:06 pm
by davidgrayin
I'll be backpacking Kintla Lake to Bowman Lake from 9/10/18 through 9/13/18. I plan to park my car at Bowman Lake early in the morning on Monday 9/10/18, and I'm trying to arrange a shuttle to take me from Bowman Lake up to Kintla Lake around 8AM on Monday 9/10/18. I'm certainly willing to pay for the shuttle. If anyone could give me a potential shuttle driver contact I would be most appreciative. Any other suggestions on getting this arranged in advance would also be appreciated. If I can't get it arranged in advance I'll still try to make it work with hitchhiking, walking, begging a ride at Polebridge, etc. but I want to eliminate the stress by having something set up in advance. Thank you.