Important information!! PLEASE READ!

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Important information!! PLEASE READ!

Post by daveparker »

If you receive a message when trying to post in response to someone, or trying to post a new message, it is not me that is blocking your, it means your Internet Service Provider is being blocked because their IP is infected with a virus or a spam bot, data miner to tracking bot and you need to get a hold of your ISP service.

Pete is having problems this morning and upon checking his provider is being blocked on a lot of different systems because the IP they are using has been reported as being infected.

I can't fix this, the ISP will have to check their systems and then go to the various reporting companies and have it removed.

This is an automatic prevention system on my internet servers these days and can be a real pain depending on which companies they are using to host their websites and message systems.

So if you get the message, make sure and click the link and find out where your IP is being reported and then let your ISP know what is going on. Normally they get this type of thing cleared up pretty quick.

But again, this is not me and I am powerless to clear it up, it is at the server level and not the message system doing it.


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Re: Important information!! PLEASE READ!

Post by brindledog »

Thanks, Dave.

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