Going To The Sun Road "Rock Hazards"

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Going To The Sun Road "Rock Hazards"

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I've posted several times about the how fallen rocks on the GTTS road can cut your tires if you run over them.
Here's something else running over those sharp rocks can do.
Chatting with "Emlin", an NPS Parking Lot Ranger at Logan Pass, I learned of another hazard from running over a sharp rock.
The car pictured below ran over a rock down near the Big Drift. The rock bounced up and punctured the car's oil pan.
Emlin said the guy heard it and pulled into the lot and you see the result below.
So try not to run over those rocks in the road.

pete :wink:

Be especially careful in the morning after a big rain storm like we'll be getting tonight.
A big rain event tends to wash down lots of rocks.
The park service has a "rock truck", a truck with a snow plow blade that cleans up the road.
However, the rock truck doesn't usually begin clearing the road until after 7AM.
So night and early AM travelers take care.

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