odor proof bags (loksack opsaks)

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odor proof bags (loksack opsaks)

Postby trevbo » Thu Jul 28, 2011 8:44 pm

Anyone use these? Basically expensive zip lock bags... still, I`m thinking `tis a good gift idea (have a cousin getting married, they`re outdoorsy types and should appreciate).
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Re: odor proof bags (loksack opsaks)

Postby Pocketlint » Thu Jul 28, 2011 9:51 pm

They may be all people say. I read the reviews. However, I would still hang my food bag. These bags shouldn't be thought of as a substitute for hanging your food and other smelly items out of reach.
There's too much to go wrong. Food smells can get on the outside of the bag if you aren't very careful. Bags break. Seals don't work.
I can see using them as an aid to contain smells, but personally, I'm not relying on them.

pocketlint :wink:

Re: odor proof bags (loksack opsaks)

Postby Tiz » Thu Jul 28, 2011 11:58 pm

I fully agree to what Pocketlint says. There are many things that can go wrong.

I only use them to store low-odor reserve food (like freeze dried meals) in my car.
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Re: odor proof bags (loksack opsaks)

Postby mtjana » Mon Aug 08, 2011 10:05 pm

I use the odor proof bags to put my garbage in to pack out on backcountry trips...works great in containing odors since you will have to put your garbage in your backpack while hiking. While you can suspend it at the campsite, you gotta pack it on your hike.

That's for me the benefit over zip lock or other plastic bags.
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Re: odor proof bags (loksack opsaks)

Postby Laonnial » Wed Nov 07, 2018 2:25 am

Sorry for bumping...just my two cents....

There is no such thing as odor-proof.
There is less permeable types of plastic that may release "less" odors than others.
If your goal is to reduce the chances of a bear that is 100 yds downwind smelling your food, an odor resistant liner MIGHT help, it would depend on the extent of the other smell contamination to your foodbag, etc.
If you are camping in a spot that is frequented by bears, and they know to expect food there, it likely has little value.

In any case, it 1) doesnt hurt 2) provides some measure of weatherproofing for hung food.
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Re: odor proof bags (loksack opsaks)

Postby TnTammy » Thu Nov 08, 2018 6:31 pm

We’ve used opsaks for about 10 years. Take them on every backpacking trip.

The reason is primarily to keep rodents away from our smellables. Originally we had a problem at Grand Canyon when camping away from the main corridor where there are no food storage containers. Storing our food in Ratsacks (the wire mesh bags) alone, we found that mice, ringtails, and other creatures could still gnaw on packages thru the mesh. Next we put the food/smellables in Opsaks then into the Ratsacks and found that the cache would be almost completely ignored. No little chew marks on the opsaks at all.

In the Smokies, where we hung our food from cables, rodents would climb up and into people’s food bags, so we did the same thing there (opsaks in ratsacks)...there’s a grommet in the ratsack corner for a carabiner to hang it. Again, no problems.

At Glacier years back, Mike noticed mouse poop in the bearproof food containers at Elizabeth lake. So we remained committed to using the opsaks & ratsacks together, whether hanging or using food storage boxes. Being in bear country, we also just assumed it couldn’t hurt to put our food/garbage in the opsaks then into our backpacks as an added measure not to draw attention. At the end of our last trip however, we discussed that the ratsacks were probably overkill for Glacier. But the Opsaks remain invaluable for reducing overall smells from attracting creatures and we believe have kept smells from getting absorbed by our backpacks. This doesn’t at all change our vigilance about following proper food storage as soon as we enter camp (hanging or food storage box).

As far as durability, we seem to get 3-4 trips out of each bag before pinholes develop. The seals do quite well over multiple uses. Old ones are used for garbage.
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