Yellowstone Park 1957

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Yellowstone Park 1957

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I thought this clip might be fun for some to watch.
The quality of the video is very poor. The original 16mm film was in bad shape when my sister had it transferred to DVD.
The first 30 seconds was taken at Mt Rushmore.
You'll see my Mom, older brother(15) and younger sister(6) and me(9) 8)
Later, the blue "boxy" truck pulling a double decker boat trailer which my Dad drove. The car pulling a boat was driven by my Dad's assistant.
The truck had a complete B&W photographic lab in it.
Dad and his assistant would develop each days shoot and make 2 1/4x2 1/4 contact prints to make sure they got what they needed before we moved on to a new location.
We also had a Dodge station wagon my Mom drove which completed our three vehicle caravan!
My Dad was shooting pics for magazine ads to promote Kiekhaefer Mercury outboard motors

My dad was a close personal friend of Carl Kiekhaefer dating back to the 1930's when my Dad raced outboard "hydoplanes".
My Dad was utterly "fearless" in those days. Mom made him quit after he almost died when he flipped his boat and it ran over him.
My Dad is in "Sea Horse Sam".

These were taken at Cypress Gardens in Winter Haven Florida where I grew up. ... Copy-M.jpg ... Copy-M.jpg ... Sam1-M.jpg

I found a newspaper article a few years back talking about my Dad traveling to Paris in the 1930's to put on a exhibition doing all sorts of "stunts" in those early outboard hydroplanes.
Dad traveled by ocean liner!!

Dad did most of Mercury Outboard's ads and promotional movies for Mercury Outboard's dealers nation wide during the 50's and 60's.
This 1957 trip and the trip we made to Alaska, our family living and camping in a 21ft boat in 1959 were HUGE influences on me.
I live in Whitefish largely because I remembered our trip to Yellowstone, Glacier, Banff, and many other places out west that year.

My Dad shot most of this, but my brother shot some of the bear video later in the clip.
As you'll see....
The "rules" for what you can do in Yellowstone have changed have changed since 1957 8)

Maybe some of you will now know "why I'm like I am today"! :arrow:

Runs about 5 minutes ... 57-640.mp4
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Re: Yellowstone Park 1957

Post by brindledog »

These are GOLD. Love them. Look how nicely dressed your mom is for a visit to the park! Thank you for sharing these, and for the awesome pictures. I really enjoyed seeing them.

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