He's alive

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He's alive

Post by Jay w »

I emailed Pete, lightly bitching a bit about work and not getting thanks for cranking out quick results...and barely getting results. (If Pete is reading this, they responded thanking me, so no need to bitch.) He starts out responding to that. The videos are short, and typical Pete.


I'm still alive and reasonably fit for 74. :)
Posting all this is fine with me.

Interesting about the DNA. 5 picograms? that's like 5x10 to the -12th grams? Jesus, the gas in a fly fart weighs more!
HOT and humid here, and will be until probably October. 90's days and 70's nights(if lucky) Dew points 65-75. :)
Really can't do a lot comfortably this time of year, until I get more acclimated...assuming I ever will.

Insurance on truck DOUBLED to $550/6 months ((( and that is for just the bare minimum liability coverage.
Got gas today $4.76/gallon.
My sister has a big 4 bedroom home out a couple miles from town(Winter Haven). I have the old "guestroom" on ground floor.
It's very nice with a full bath. House has A/C of course. I'll send some pics and video asap.

Her daughter and family live about 10 minutes from here, so that's nice. He's retired from ARMY 28 years as a Ranger.
His dad's family live on the south side of Tampa Bay--right on the water with boat house for Arthur's boat(when he's going to be there fishing)
His dad's family settled there in the 1850's !!!
He now teaches art at the local Catholic School(1-8) where we all went eons ago :)
Daughter teaches "Special Needs" kids there.

Not been out too much for pics. The only consistently good time of day is early AM.
Going to Bok Tower tomorrow AM as early as I can.
My sister was over there recently. Good flowers and she saw a couple snakes, harmless ones.
I'm itching to find some water moccasins to photo. :)
It's a very pretty place-Google "Bok Tower". May be rain and overcast but that's better than BRIGHT sun.

Next week, I will probably go to Highland Hammock State Park(near Sebring FL), which is about an hour south of here and camp for a few days.
Chiggers, ticks, yellow flies, horse flies, mosquitoes suck, and will suck until fall. :(
That place has tons of beautiful HUGE live oak trees and lots of snakes :)
Shoot pics in the early AM then hang out in my Mosquito net/net and/or hammock during the day.

Shitty video down with phone through screen.



I'll never learn LOLOL


4 people behind me and two in front of me freaked out when I "approached" this lil gator and knelt down to video him/her.
He was only about 4ft long, which is plenty big enough to bite the hell out of you. The raccoon was the only one in danger LOL
These little gators are just SCARY quick. So I guess he wasn't hungry.
He ended up walking past me so close he almost rubbed my leg.

That said, there are some world class gators in Florida now that they have been protected for 50+ years.
10-12ft and 500-600lbs PLUS are pretty common in many of the bigger lakes.
Gotta be really careful around them as they can move VERY fast when they want to.
Breeding season is just ending. BIG males been roaming around looking for a "date".
Lot of stories last month about gators, including some BIG ones, breaking into peoples lanais and getting into their swimming pools LOLOL!
The big ones can climb a 3ft chain link fence, and a screened in lanai, well they just walk through the screen :)
So I'm hoping to get some good photos and video later.

I will also be doing as much traveling as I can afford, here and in Europe.
I have eCredits on Jet Blue for $1000 and $1500 on Delta from cancelled tickets due to war in Ukraine.
They are good until the end of 2023. I am planning to fly to Krakow Poland some time in September/October.
Then knock around eastern Europe for a few months. I hope to get into Ukraine even if the war isn't over yet.
I've become friends with a family in Kremenchug, a town that has been spared from the fighting. Two rocket attacks on a refinery is all.
Yeah Tanya is smokin' hot(her hair color is natural and just gorgeous) but also very talented artist and craft person, AND a very good mother, as Sergei is a good dad.
Family there is VERY important.
More on them later.

I'll go even if the war is still on, IF I can get across the border, AND get transport from the Lviv area to Kremenchug.
If I went today, I could get in. It'll depend on where the fighting is at the time.
And YES I know it's dangerous and the State Dept. doesn't approve-screw them.
If Ukraine isn't possible, I'll travel around eastern Europe.
The countries bordering the Adriatic are very nice and accommodations are pretty reasonable--at the moment.
So that's it for now.
The NSA...the only people in the government who listen.

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Re: He's alive

Post by crh24 »


Thank you for posting. I am glad Pete is doing well. Still sounds the same :D


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Re: He's alive

Post by paul »

Thanks for posting Jay. I was wondering what happened to Pete.
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Re: He's alive

Post by zozeppelin »

Thanks for sharing Jay - glad to hear. When I heard about what was going on in Ukraine, my thoughts immediately went to Pete and his plans. I do miss the pictures, stories and information he’d bring, as well as the perspective even if I didn’t always agree with it.

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Re: He's alive

Post by teapot57 »

I’ve been thinking about Pete. Thanks for update.

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Re: He's alive

Post by MISSY »

Thanks for the update! Good Wishes to Pete when you message him back!

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