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Re: 2021 Backcountry Permit Applications: Date for submittal now March 17

Posted: Sun Jul 04, 2021 2:56 pm
by sbosecker
NDjason wrote:
Fri Jul 02, 2021 10:12 am

I'll be doing an entry/exit from Chief Mountain too (Sept 4th - Sept 10th). I picked up a Ticketed Entry pass yesterday which will cover the time leading up to the trip - when we exit, the limitations should be removed. There are still many passes available for that last week - hoping that bodes well for some peace. Now if we can just get through the summer without any major fires!

On the topic of fires, we just returned from a week in Yellowstone. After a long evening of spotting wolves in the Lamar Valley, we happened to see the first wildfire of the year (lightning strike near Petrified Tree). We reported it to the park in Mammoth on our way back to Madison and were told we were the first ones to have reported it. Fortunately, it is now out (Elk Creek Fire) after an immediate suppression effort. But I saw yesterday that a new fire was started to lightning! I'm afraid it could be a long summer!


I haven't gotten a Chief Mountain entry/exit yet. I've got a different itineary that I hope I'll be able to convert to something that would allow me to make an approach to Stoney Indian Pass and return.

I too observed that there are many passes available starting the last weekend of August. I do hope that translates into the ability to get the itinerary I mentioned when I pick up the permit.

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Re: 2021 Backcountry Permit Applications: Date for submittal now March 17

Posted: Mon Jul 05, 2021 8:32 am
by zozeppelin
sbosecker wrote:
Sun Jul 04, 2021 2:52 pm

Amazing - I am trying to think of a scenario where a person with a backcountry permit - that doesn't have a trailhead on the GTTS Road - would stop to park on the road on the day of an itinerary for any reason. (I am assuming that lack of parking is the main reason for these restrictions) I guess it's possible but I don't think that would be the norm. I'm usually making a B-Line from my lodging to the trailhead so maybe that's keeping me from seeing what the issue is. I don't get it.
I have always enjoyed the 'drive out' on GttSR after a long hike. Would certainly prefer that to HWY 2. So if I finished at Chief Mountain or Many Glacier, and had to get back to Kalispel, I certainly would want to drive through GttSR, and perhaps make a stop or two on the way.

The worst part in my opinion is the walkin permit paradox - you can't get to the backcountry office because you don't have a permit and you can't get a permit because you can't get to the backcountry office. Sure you could drive to another ranger station, but how silly is that? Especially given the 'reduce idle' campaign on reducing carbon emissions.

I just picked up my tickets for the 29th last night as well - procrastinated but found 100+ left.

Re: 2021 Backcountry Permit Applications: Date for submittal now March 17

Posted: Mon Jul 05, 2021 8:41 am
by zozeppelin
PSA - St Mary backcountry office looks to be closed this year. Polebridge doesn't have hours. The rest (Apgar, Many Glacier, Two Medicine) are all on the same time now (8-4:30).