Logan Parking Lot Filling

Transportation can be a challenge in Glacier. If you have ideas, offer ride shares, or used a commercial service that you were happy with, let everyone know. Also, ask questions about road information, or share road information you may have.

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Logan Parking Lot Filling

Post by TnTammy »

Seven of my family members visiting the park yesterday were bummed to miss out on parking at Logan.
Leaving from just south of Kalispell at 5:00, I think they weren't sure how long it would take to get there.
They arrived at 6:40 to find the lot completely full. :(
Saying they parked a mile further down the road, it was then raining pretty heavily so they abandoned and pushed on all the way to Many for hiking.
They have another chance today...so I'm really hoping they get up there EARLY!

In the past two mornings i've attempted to get an idea of Logan filling times looking at the webcam but the pic has been frozen on sometime in the evening.

Pete, thanks for the updated info you share about travel times and the Logan parking lot. As always, its very helpful to people planning their visits. I had tried to encourage my fam to get there by 6:30 but now i think significantly earlier is warranted.

Also fyi, they said the park was "buzzing with people" and the St. Mary ?store was only allowing 5 people in at a time?? Will try to get clarification if this was the Visitor Center. Frustrating for everyone.

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Re: Logan Parking Lot Filling

Post by PeteE »

Thanks Tammy!
The Visitor Center is only allowing a limited number of people at a time inside.
There's usually a line of 20-30 people waiting to get in---at least when I was around.
Social distancing is a JOKE, but that's a topic for another time and place.

And yeah, it's no joke about getting to Logan before 0630.
I was astonished when the lot was 1/3 full last Thursday at 0530...on a crappy weather day.
And I'm sure it'll be that way from now till after Labor Day.

I haven't been to Many Glacier yet this year. I wonder what parking for day trippers is like? And how long construction delays are.

If this is the future of GNP, then I won't be spending much time there in the future.

pete :wink:

Keep in mind that being a "ticket" holder doesn't guarantee you a parking spot. 8)
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